The #1 Dumpster Odor Control on The Market

Commercial garbage odor control

Dumpster Cure is a triple action, odor destroying granule:

  • An all natural granule is designed to absorb twice its’ weight in liquid for maximum absorption of unwanted odors.
  • Specifically formulated to neutralize trash odors.
  • Has a pleasing cherry scent which minimizes odors, flies and germs.
Dumpster Cure is designed to be used in a wide array of industries such as:
Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Municipalities, Trash Services. It’s even great for residential use at home.

Simply cast granules into empty dumpster or on top of debris. Cast as many granules as needed to cure the odor and fly issues. Refresh throughout the day as needed. Use as necessary as all odor issues vary.
Simply add granules between trash can and liner OR if trash is being stored for a period of time, pour granules directly into the liner before sealing and storing trash.

Industrial trash smell elimination

We developed our product line, Dumpster Cure, from our award-winning Restaurant and use our product on a daily basis.

OTBOC certificate and Awards PC Product lines
Control nasty garbage stink



A simple, cost effective solution for helping to prevent unwanted odors, pests, including flies, fruit flies and roaches.
Our triple action granules help destroy these pests’ breeding ground inside the floor drains.

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Start Using Dumpster Cure Today and Stop Offensive Odors at the source.

Our Manufacturers’ Certifications:

Commercial garbage odor control

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