Floor Drain Cure

Keep your floor drain free of foul odors, bacteria and insects.

stop smelly Floor Drain

reduce drains odors

Did you know?
All floor drains emanate foul odors, bacteria and creates a breeding ground for cockroaches, flies and fruit flies. These insects lay their eggs down in drain line. Finally! There is a simple, cost-effective remedy to solve this problem.

Our triple-action granules fit perfectly inside these plastic drain-net strainers and contain odor neutralizing agents, a pleasing cherry scent and helps to deter pests from entering the drain. These granules help to disrupt their breeding ground. These Floor Drain Strainers are sold by DrainNet Technologies and are a perfect fit for our Dumpster Cure granules.

neutralized bacteria and insects

Step 1:
Simply bend the handle straight up for ease of use and to seal tightly to the drain.

Step 2:
Max fill line. Do not exceed this line when filling with granules.
Using a disposable plastic cup, fill with granules to cover all holes (approximately 1"from top).
This allows debris to be captured.

Strainer is tiered to allow for maximum drainage.

How to Use


Place strainer in floor drain to be sureIt fits securely. Note: most floor drains are 3" in diameter. Please measure your drain before ordering the strainer.


Fill strainer with granules to fill line over a trash can so as to catch any loose granules. Note: Use latex/vynil gloves for both the granules and when placing into floor drain to avoid germs and bacteria.


Place strainer with granules down into the floor drain. Securing a snug fit. Replace drain cover.


This demonstration shows how water can flow through the strainer full of granules.
Note: the strainer with granules are to be in floor drains only, not sink drains.

Final Tips


It is recommended, once a week, to discard the granules and refresh with new ones. Note: Simply squeeze the strainer and shake out into trash can. Repeat the process to fill again.

Always place granules into plastic strainer. Do not pour into the drain.

To order the 3" plastic drain-net strainer (SKU# PDN030PR): www.drain-tech.com

Note: Be sure to measure your drain diameter. The most common is 3"for a floor drain. However, 2" and 4"plastic drain-net strainers are available.

Thank you for using the Floor Drain Cure as this is extremely effective and simple to execute.
From Rob and Rose, Owners Pioneer Concepts, Ltd. www.PioneerConcepts.org

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