Tips & Testimonials

“My name is Joe White and I own The Strip Boat Seafood Market and Restaurant in Ocean City, MD. For the last 5 years I have made out dumpster small go away using your product. It is effective at eliminating odors that drive potential customers away and it reduces our flies to near zero. We use just a cup every time the dumpster is emptied which consistently makes our dumpster not part of our customer’s experience. The new granular has greatly improved moisture absorption, while also enhancing the long-term effectiveness of the odor eliminator. The cherry smell is pleasant but not overpowering. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking a great product to the next level.”

– Joe White, Proprietor
    The Shrimp Boat Seafood Market & Restaurant
    Route 611
    West Ocean City, Maryland

“As a residential leasing agent for vacation condominiums here in Ocean City, Maryland I am tasked with ensuring my guests have a wonderful vacation experience each summer. The smallest detail gone wrong could cause a guest to lease elsewhere. So, the way my building looks and smells is important as any amenity offered.

My building has 70 units on eight floors. A central trash chute on each floor empties into one of three roll-away dumpsters on the ground parking level. On any given day, in the heat of the summer the dumpster can release a foul odor back up the chute. After being introduced to Dumpster Cure, we followed the instructions on the bag and Rob’s suggestions, applied Dumpster Cure in each empty dumpster and around the enclosed chute room. Almost immediately the pleasant aroma of cherries filled the enclosure. My guests would pass the “trash room” each day on their way to access the beach. They no longer hold their nose rather they turn their heads in an effort to locate the source of the cherry fragrance. We gave your product a good solid challenge in the heat of our summer months and Dumpster Cure performed very well! You have a great product Robert & Rose!”

– R. Joseph Corbey
    Senior Business Development Coordinator
    Vantage Resort Realty
    5200 B Coastal Highway
    Ocean City, Maryland 21842

August 14, 2017

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Rob, Rosemary and the team behind Dumpster Cure. This is a great product line that we anticipate to grow sales in each year. As summertime approached, we wanted to give the Sales Team tools to help them promote this product. Rob was eager to help us in the field along with providing adequate samples that included promotional material such as magnets and literature. They not only attended our trade shows but promoted, followed up and helped sell the products in all of our geographic locations which includes but is not limited to Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina. In addition to their excellent track record to drive sales, they put together a sales promotion for the Holt Sales Team. The Holt Team had 30 days to sell as many bags as possible and the winner would receive a lucrative spiff. The top sales rep sold 160 bags during this period!
Dumpster Cure has been a relief for business owners as it has helped eliminate odor and fly issues they have had for years. The Dumpster Cure team has been exceptional and an asset in helping with sales growth. Listed below are some statements that reflect our experience in the field with Dumpster Cure:

  • Many Hotels and Condo Associations use Dumpster Cure in their dumpsters and public trash cans to eliminate foul odors. We service many hotel groups, independent hotels and National hotel chains such as the Hilton and Holiday Inn
  • Dumpster Cure is important to All-You-Can Eat Crab Houses because they have the greatest need to reduce the distinct odors and control pesky flies especially bothersome in hot weather
  • Several restaurants claim this is the best product they have ever used!
  • Child Care, Adult Day Care, and Health Care Services use this product to minimize smells coming from soiled linen containers
  • Shopping Centers use Dumpster Cure around the perimeter of the property, near grease traps, dumpsters, and public areas to keep the fly population and odors down in high foot traffic areas

The reasons our customers chose Dumpster Cure are:
  • It is the most effective way to reduce odor and fly problems in and around dumpsters
  • It controls odors longer than enzyme products or liquid deodorant concentrates
  • It is the easiest product to apply. The user doesn’t need special equipment such as liquid dilution systems or pressure sprayers
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe around pets

I wanted to share a personal experience. I discovered a sample of Dumpster Cure in my vehicle that was several years old and used it in my house during the summer near the litter box and litter disposal bucket which had been attracting flies and producing an uncontrollable stench. When treated by the product I immediately noticed improvement and have continued to use the product around the house. We look forward to continuing sales growth with this product and partnership with their company.”

– Alicha C. Toms , Sales Manager
    Holt Paper & Chemical Company
    31375 John Deere Drive
    Salisbury, MD 21804

Robs’ Tips & Tricks:

Pour granules into 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid for easy storage and application of the granules.

Hotel tricks of the trade:
“We add Dumpster Cure to the interior of our bathroom trashcans, poke holes in the trash liner which provides a nice tamperproof, anonymous cherry scent for our customers”
Hilton, Ocean City, MD

Restaurant tricks of the trade:
“We add Dumpster Cure to all of our trash cans, both in front and back house...and don’t forget the bathrooms!”
Seafood Restaurant, Ocean City, MD

Dumpster Cure was created by the folks at “On The Bay Seafood” to control offensive Seafood Odors. And it worked! Click here:

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Thank You for using Dumpster Cure!
– Rob and Rose