The #1 Pet Waste, Odor Eliminator

Keep your beautiful home free of pet waste odors.

stop smelly Pet Waste

reduces foul odors
reduce odors

These granules are designed to be sprinkled on top of pet debris bags in the trash can.

Greatly reduces foul odors emanating from the trash can by leaving a pleasing cherry scent. Simply sprinkle up to ½ cup of granules on top of waste debris. Use as needed.

odors are neutralized and absorbed

Pet Waste can transmit disease.

By utilizing our triple-action granules, odors are neutralized and absorbed while fragrancing.

These granules, not only greatly reduce odors, but also helps to reduce the number of flies which are carriers of germs and diseases.

Remedy pet odors

While we all love and enjoy our pets, we can now minimize their odors left behind!

Used by pet owners, pet spas, salons and groomers, pet stores, Veterinarians, Hospitals, Humane Societies, etc.

Not for Pet or Human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.