Control Odors • Reduce Flies • Help Reduce Germs & Disease

How to scent smelly garbage

First Impressions are extremely important for any establishment. From industrial sized dumpsters to store sized trash cans, Dumpster Cure has the strength to freshen your entire complex.

Protect from odors

Protect your entire facility or complex from unwanted odors:

  • Hotels, Condos, Entrances, Pool grounds, Restaurants, Patios, Bathrooms, Golf Courses, Club houses and even homes!
  • A fresh smelling trash can is a must in high walking traffic areas
  • Freshen up your trash cans before your business day begins
  • Great in bathrooms to help freshen with a cherry scent
  • Keep your patrons happy while dining outside
  • Reduce Odor in Trash Shoots*
  • Control offensive Trash Compactor** odors
  • *These odors rise up through the trash shoots and leach up to each floor of the complex.
    **Commercial trash compactors will use a large amount of granules depending upon the size, temperature and
    frequency of pick up.

Who Uses Dumpster Cure?
Dumpster Cure is great for:

  • Airports & Airlines
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Cafe’s
  • Campgrounds
  • Condos
  • Convention Centers
  • Country Clubs
  • Cruise lines
  • Hotels
  • Golf Courses
  • Health Clubs
  • Municipalities
       - Bus Stops
       - Railway Stations
       - Walking Parks
  • Nightclubs
  • Railway Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Shopping Plazas
  • So Much More!
odor and fly control

Using a disposable plastic cup, cast granules into bottom of an empty dumpster and on top of debris. Refresh as needed. All dumpster odor challenges vary. The more granules applied, the greater the odor and fly control.

additional odor control

Trash Cans
Pour granules in between can and liner. Can always cast on top of debris for additional odor control. Great for moisture absorption in bottom of trash can. Freshen grounds including pool area and parking area.

stop trash shoots Odors

Commercial Trash compactor
Odors rise up through trash shoots and leach up to each floor of the complex. Commercial trash compactors will use large amount of granules depending upon size, temperature and frequency of pick up.

stop Grease bins Odors

Grease Bins
Grease bins are the second leading cause of foul odors! Utilizing a double layer across the grid of the grease bin, pour a thin layer of granules on top of burlap before closing lid, fold in burlap.

stop Pet Stations Odors

Pet Stations
Pet odors are extremely offensive and spread disease.

stop Business garbage odors

Offensive odors are the worst form of advertising!

Commercial garbage odor control